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Welcome to day 7 with Marc Reklau!

Marc Reklau

About Marc Reklau

Marc Reklau studied for a career he didn't like for five years, to later go on and work eleven years in a job he didn't like. When he got fired from it at the end of September 2013 it was a blessing in disguise. After the initial shock, he decided to apply what he learned in his coaching training. He started writing down his goals, writing down three things he was grateful for every day and studied more than in the 20 years prior.

It was during that time when he found out that all the knowledge in the world is useless if you don't apply it.

Marc is now an author of 9 books, including the #1 Bestseller 30 Days – Change your habits, change your life and a coach that guides others to significantly increase their income, become a top performer in their field, and much more.

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